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InvoiceXpress API


What’s an API and What is it for?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for third party developers to integrate the Invoic€xpress functionalities into other applications, allowing them to send invoices without the need to visit the Invoic€xpress website.

The Invoic€xpress API uses an aproach based on RESTful and accepts XML as request format.

As an example, let’s say you have an online store, and need to invoice your clients after each successful purchase, normally you had to develop all the code to manage the creation and sending of the invoice (with all the underlying logic, ex:managing clients, products, taxes, invoice numbering…), using our API you just need to include in your application a little piece of code responsible to make a XML request and calling an URL using HTML GET.

How can I start?

1) If you don’t have an Invoic€xpress account, register for one (you can try it for free)
2) Get your unique access token in the Settings >> Personal Info >> Activate Token
3) Start integrating the API Calls into your application
4) Start sending invoices from your app